camLine Group joins Elisa Group. Together we’ll provide data and AI-driven intelligent manufacturing solutions globally.


Improve production yield and quality, reduce waste.

We help manufacturers identify, predict and prevent process inefficiencies by turning data into actionable insights.

Transform the way you run your factory

We provide industry manufacturers with with intelligent manufacturing solutions that help make better decisions,
increase productivity, and save money.

Gain visibility
and control

With 3D digital twin and real-time insights of all your connected assets, you can see all operations in one view and easily identify areas needing immediate attention.

Maximize uptime
and quality

With help of actionable insights from predictive analytics, you can prevent unplanned downtime and take quick actions to increase quality.

Increase efficiency
and save costs

Interactive 3D visualization, real-time insights and analytics capabilities offer a complete solution to optimize processes, save operational costs and increase throughput.

Watch Elisa Smart Factory in action

Visualize your factory

Get real-time visibility and insights into all operations. Make better decisions and take corrective actions faster.

Monitor and detect

Detect failures and bottlenecks in operations. Receive alarms when set tolerance levels are exceeded.

Learn and predict

Build intelligence on top of connected data through machine learning. Analyze processes and create predictions in real-time.

iMac Screen with Elisa Smart Factory presenting Aachen demonstration factory
iMac Screen with Elisa Smart Factory presenting eLab battery production line in Aachen

Elisa Smart Factory Business Benefits

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With Elisa Smart Factory, we are able to visualize all factory operations. It provides us real-time insights to see the current and upcoming bottlenecks in the production, allowing us to quickly take corrective actions on them. Elisa Smart Factory is an essential partner in every manufacturer’s digitalization journey.

Dr. Rupert Deger

Founding Partner, e.GO Mobile AG

White Paper: Make Better Decisions
with Real-Time Insights

Elisa Smart Factory helps with the digital transformation of your factory to gain visibility and improve operational efficiency.

Ready to start making data-driven decisions?