3DVisualizr: Your 3D Digital Twin Visualization Tool

Boost the usability of your IoT application with an easy-to-use 3D interface. Use 3DVisualizr to build your own 3D Digital Twin visualization today. In addition, you can map real-time data from PTC ThingWorx to your 3D objects. Thus, you will create digital twin visualizations in no time.

See 3DVisualizr in action!

How to create your Digital Twin visualization with 3DVisualizr

3D visualisation of a manufacturing plant with process data displayed

Build your own 3D environment

Create, edit and maintain your 3D representation effortlessly! You can import your own 3D models or take them from our object library (babylon.js format). After that, they will appear in the library from where you can drag&drop them into the canvas. Feel free to move, rotate and scale the models individually for the finishing touch.

Map your data in 3DVisualizr

No Digital Twin without data. After you created the 3D content, map the data that you collect in ThingWorx to the 3D objects. Moreover, you can show relevant KPIs and asset properties in various dashboard widgets to facilitate data interpretation. Thus, the 3D representation makes it easy to understand the context of your data and your KPIs.


iMac screen with an operator view into operation history of a machine
iPad screen with an operator view into operation history of a machine

View your Digital Twin in any browser!

All of your 3D applications run in all ordinary desktop and mobile browsers.​ Moreover, it supports common mouse and finger gestures. As a consequence, we ensure a high usability among your end users. 

Getting started in 1 day!

Start today to create your Digital Twin Visualization

Start building your Digital Twin Visualization with 3DVisualizr today!

Fill out the contact form and we will help you get started! Please note that we are not going to process requests from private email accounts (e.g. @gmail.com etc.)

Felix Jordan

Felix Jordan

Business Development Manager
+49 172 988 3793


How can I get 3DVisualizr?
Just fill out our contact formular and we will get in touch!
Is 3DVisualizr a standalone application?
No. You need PTC ThingWorx 8.x to run it.
Is 3DVisualizr a simulation tool?
No. 3DVisualizr lets you create Digital Twin visualizations that show real-time data.
Which 3D formats are supported? Can I use CAD files?
3DVisualizr supports .babylon format 3D models. CAD files need to be converted into babylon.js format and to be imported with 3DVisualizr.
What does 3DVisualizr cost?
3DVisualizr is subscription based and costs 1.500€ per month and per ThingWorx instance where it is installed. Optionally, you can subscribe to our 3D object library to access our 3D objects. The subsciption fee for the 3D object library is 500€ per month and per company. Minimum term is 12 months.

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