Delivering Industry-Leading IoT and AI solutions

Our digital journey

Elisa is a Finnish telecommunications, ICT and digital services company with a 135-year history of innovation and systematic efforts to improve efficiency and quality. Elisa’s digital transformation of its own network operations centre (NOC) started in 2011, designed to handle surging levels of mobile traffic.

Combining IoT technologies with automation tools and key performance indicators (KPIs), the self-optimising NOC is now a fully lights-out operation, with robots performing over 4 million network checks daily. The number of network incidents has since fallen by 70%, with 80% of incidents resolved before they become visible to customers. As a result, Elisa is able to run its networks with the same manpower it had in 2007, while mobile data volumes have grown twenty-fold in the last six years.

Replicating this success, Elisa now helps industry manufacturers connect and analyse data from various data sources using a range of intelligent tools.

With decades of experience in managing vast, highly automated infrastructure and anticipating disruptive incidents, Elisa’s aim is to apply this expertise to become the leading provider for digitised factories in Europe and beyond, to help the manufacturing sector improve quality and productivity.

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