Safety locking,

Save time by digitizing your lockout/tagout

Digital safety locking solution to increase productivity

Bring your lockout/tagout process out of the dark ages into the digital age.

Save time

Replace manual spreadsheets and outdated internal systems with simple but powerful web-based solution. Send tasks directly to technician’s mobile and receive notifications of finished tasks in real time.

Increase productivity

Make your technicians more productive. With a mobile-first application, you can approve and assign tasks from your desktop or mobile and eliminate your team’s unnecessary trips to the control room and back to the equipment.

Easily track activity

With a digital lockout-tagout solution, you can easily find and view all historical records of lockout-tagouts in one place for enhanced compliance and internal audits.

Delete spreadsheets, toss the paper.

Create checklists and work orders for preventive maintenance tasks on your preferred device.
Watch all new work orders and status changes happen dynamically, both on web and in the app.

Easy for Supervisors

  • Create work orders on reusable templates
  • Modify your work orders on the fly
  • Manage approvals/permissions
  • Easily check what was done, when it was done and by whom

Quick for Technicians

  • Carry out your work orders in your pocket
  • View work order details from your phone
  • Close out locking, testing and unlocking actions on the spot
  • Works even without internet connectivity

Ready to simplify operations and increase productivity?