Elisa Smart Factory Lockout Tagout improves safety

Improve your LOTO management with P&ID integration

by Päivi Varvemaa

Lockout / tagout (LOTO) – or isolation management – is a safety-related procedure that many industries are using. It ensures that dangerous machines and equipment are properly shut off and release of hazardous energy is not possible prior to the completion of maintenance or repair work. With P&ID integration, you can improve your LOTO management significantly.

LOTO applies to every type of hazardous energy including electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, chemical, thermal or other sources.

The piping and instrumentation diagram (P&ID) is an essential part of LOTO management

The lockout / tagout process isn’t effective unless you have correctly identified all the sources of hazardous energy. The identification is especially challenging in process industry where the plants typically consist of long and complex pipelines. To make things more complicated, those pipelines also connect to multiple process equipment.

The P&I diagrams provide relevant information for proper design, operation and maintenance of the plants. In fact, a person planning LOTO activities can spend significant amount of time searching and marking the isolation points on the P&IDs. Once that is done, they have to include those points into the lockout / tagout procedures. Also this takes time.

Integrating LOTO management to digital P&IDs saves hours of planning time

Integrating P&IDs into your digital LOTO management procedures solves several LOTO preparation challenges. This, in turn, saves you dozens of hours during maintenance shutdown preparation.

With Elisa Smart Lockout / Tagout you can search the relevant isolation points on the P&IDs and include them into your isolation procedures – with one click. The isolation points are then visible on the P&IDs, allowing automatic creation of isolation and de-isolation plans. Integrating the lockout / tagout procedures into Hazard and Operability Analysis (Hazop), Job Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessments is now easier than ever before.

P&ID integrated in Elisa Smart Factory

Real-time view on the progress of you lockout / tagout process

You can follow the lockout/tagout activities in real-time both on a computer screen and mobile device. Also, it is possible to add the information of the ongoing LOTO activities into your 3D plant images or floor plans.

Elisa Smart Lockout Tagout

The easy-to-use Elisa Smart Lockout / Tagout mobile app allows workers, supervisors and contractors to see the up-to-date situation of their lockout / tagout process at any given time. Also, it allows them to record and update data directly on the app.

Want to learn how Elisa Smart Lockout / Tagout solution can help you increase safety and efficiency in your operations? Click below to download the white paper.

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