Industrial IoT solution that uses data science
to increase productivity, machine uptime and safety

Gain visibility to your operations

Most factory managers start the day with little visibility on what is going to happen during the day; neither they have idea on what the day’s productivity will be, nor have insight on potential constrains they will meet in the course of the day.  Consequently the plant management is blind to potential risks and mostly reacting to situations.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Today manufacturers have alternatives for managing the factories better.  Transforming the shop floor through digital visibility will improve productivity, lower cost and improve return on assets.

Big data visualisation with a plane of points displaced and colored based on data values

Data science that solves your biggest problems

Keep your machines up and running when they are needed the most. Improve product quality. Increase production throughput.

Elisa Smart Factory advanced analytics solutions detect and resolve anomalies and defects early in the process, ensuring world-class quality in each batch. To keep your machines running, we go beyond traditional rule-based systems by using AI / machine learning to identify failures proactively. Our algorithms analyze all relevant information including sensor data, MES/PLC/SCADA data, asset management systems, plus structured and unstructured data such as technicians’ notes in Excel.

Visualisation of Elisa Smart Factory architecture layers. On the Lowest layer are listed possible source datas. On top of that are edge connectors and then comes the Data Modelling, Storage and Processing layer and as the topmost layer is Presentation

Our solutions are powered by an industry-leading IoT platform

Elisa Smart Factory is built on an industry-leading, cloud-based IoT platform. It can connect to and harness data from virtually any machine, device or system. There is no reason to rip-and-replace your old system as Elisa Smart Factory can use and enrich any machine data and turn it into actionable insights.

Our solutions aggregate volumes of disparate data from enterprise systems and external sources, apply advanced AI / machine-learning algorithms for predictive and continuous analysis, and present actionable insights to solve business challenges like unplanned downtime, production quality and low yield.

Proven results in weeks, not years

One-stop-shop for digitizing your end-to-end operations.

We provide Proof of Value (POV) projects that help you improve operations and increase productivity. In just 12 weeks we deliver results using your own data, helping you start tackling operational challenges that may have previously exceeded your organization’s capabilities. For a Elisa Smart Factory, no problem is too large and no data set is too big. The cost of the POV depends on the project scope and duration.

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Symbol of a SMT machine with a data label


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Designed and configured to fit the needs of your industry

Our expertise allows us to configure solutions for specific customers and use cases in less time and less expensively than competitors. We currently serve these industries:

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